Living under an open heaven

By Jeremiah Model

I love what an open heaven represents; it’s the gate way between earth and heaven. Angels are constantly ready to be deployed on our risks, because heaven invades earth on our faith which equals risk.

As Bill Johnson describes the normal Christian life should be one of signs, wonders, the miraculous, and overcoming what the natural man would say is impossible.

After all the Lord is a G-d of the impossible, if possible on your end, take approximately a few minutes to meditate on this verse, Jeremiah 32:27 ” I am the LORD, the G-d of all mankind is anything too hard for me?”

As is stated in the ‘Supernatural Power Of A Transformed Mind’ by Bill Johnson, if we are a true believer, our primary goal is to come into agreement with the realities of Heaven on a daily basis, twenty-four hours a day, to be an open conduit for dew of Heaven to fill our minds and spill over into the natural world.

When we are in agreement with Heaven, angels are dispatched freely on the assignments that G-d has for us. When we are not in agreement with Heaven we fall prey to our lower nature called the flesh.

The whole purpose of the ministry of Jesus was to release authority to us. Whatever we bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven. The goal for us is to find out what is bound in Heaven and bind it on earth. Whatever is free in Heaven to exist needs to be released on earth.

One might be asking what is the kingdom of Heaven about? Romans chapter 14 verse 17 says “For the Kingdom of G-d is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

If we are to be a gateway people our goal is to live in righteousness, peace and joy no matter what circumstances we are facing, no matter what people are saying about us. Our purpose in this life is to be a free flowing stream of Heavenly riches, glory, strength, healing, peace, love, joy, righteousness into this planet after all G-d calls us his temples.

1 Corinthians 3:16 Don’t you know that you yourselves are G-d’s temple and that G-d’s Spirit dwells in your midst?

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