What happens if I don’t receive Jesus in my life?

A lot of people think that if they choose to ignore and simply “respect” other people’s religions, the responsibility of making a decision to receive Jesus or not will just simply vanish. That could not be further from the truth, in fact, prolonging the decision is very consequential. Here are a few things that happen when you prolong this decision. #1 You allow deeper strongholds … Continue reading What happens if I don’t receive Jesus in my life?

The gift of forgiveness

As a Christian, it’s almost a given that you are supposed to forgive. We shouldn’t be told that we need to forgive, but believe it or not, sometimes Christians need that extra nudge or rebuke for not forgiving. I used to believe that unforgiveness was something that could be taken care of overnight, with a single prayer, or even declaring that you’ve forgiven that person…the … Continue reading The gift of forgiveness

The Make it or Break it Test

       Are you one of those people who is currently struggling to pass a test? Does this test mean everything for you? Your livelihood is at stake, your career, your destination. You’ve either failed at it several times and you feel hopeless, or you’re preparing for it and the thought of it makes the yoke heavier. The anxiety keeps increasing and you’re literally … Continue reading The Make it or Break it Test

Do you have a Judas friend?

Throughout my walk with Christ, I’ve encountered several people in my life who call themselves a friend to me, specifically self-professing Christians, but truly don’t have their best interest for me. Before I used to live on the defensive side, using a micro-loop to see if I was dealing with a Judas Iscariot in my life. Many times we’ve encountered those friends who judge us constantly, … Continue reading Do you have a Judas friend?