Be still in the storm

Lately I’ve been finding myself in a lot of storms, usually, it is one right after the other.  I realize that in the storm of doubt, affliction, and spiritual attacks, God wants us to be still.

You may be going through your own struggles, perhaps a sickness that has recently appeared in your life, your work situation isn’t improving, or your family may be more divided than ever. In situations like this, why would God ask us to be still? Does He not understand that we need to do something about it, or better yet, He does?

This is where God wants us to know that when we are still, He is God and He is in control. Here are a few tips on how to remain still, but yet calm and completely trusting that He will find a way for you to come out of the storm unharmed.

Tip # 1  Trust. When you trust the Lord and acknowledge Him. He will make your paths straight. No matter how bad the situation, trust that God is with you and His presence is with you. God will command His angels to protect you and your foot will not stumble.

Tip # 2 Stay in peace. God will give you peace that surpasses all understanding. No matter how hopeless the situation, the outcome will be God’s will. Be at peace that His decision is the best decision. He always wants what is best for you. He will not give you anything you cannot bear or endure. You will come out of this and it will pass.

Tip # 3  Rejoice & remain joyful. There is nothing more hateful for Satan than to see you rejoicing in the midst of your storm. Yes, dance in the rain, Jesus is with you. Satan wants to take your joy away, see you in pain, crying and defeated. Today declare that you are more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus. God is in control, so rejoice, for today the Lord has made this day.

God bless!

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