Don’t let Satan steal your joy

I don’t normally like to focus the attention on Satan, but I feel this is important to address. As Christians we are constantly attacked by the enemy and it is hard to constantly rejoice and keep your countenance positive. God knows our adversary is prowling on whom to devour and perhaps Satan has been “tapping at your chamber door.” Keeping the joy of the Lord in our hearts is our aim, but how do we do it without losing strength?

This is where that verse kicks in, “The joy of the Lord is my strength,” Nehemiah 8:10. We’re made perfect in our weakness, so while you’ve lost all strength, God’s strength remains your joy. Life isn’t easy, it can get really overwhelming and sometimes relief doesn’t seem close. Don’t worry though, God will work everything out for your good and His grace is sufficient.

Remember these points:

#1 Don’t let Satan rob your joy. Take it back you are able.

#2 You have full authority to cast out demons or demonic oppression.

#3 God’s perfect peace will be over you if you keep your mind steadfast on Him. Isaiah 26:3

God bless!

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