To speak or not to speak?

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to clarify something, but something holds you back? Precisely, this happens a lot to believers with strong convictions and in many cases we withhold to either keep the peace, not open Pandora’s box, or prevent from looking too religious.

In situations like this, we can use Jesus’ example, He walked and spoke with authority in all circumstances. Of course, this was Jesus and He has was well-versed in the scriptures. While we can be bold like Jesus was, sometimes it is better to gradually build relationships or speak your mind without throwing stones and offending someone.

I’ve been caught in situations where I speak up, but I do it in a way that displays my perspective and leave the person to question their own ideology.

Tip #1 Is it necessary? Do you need to interfere and clarify in that very moment. Is it better to bring clarity in front of too many people or to address them in private later. Think about these things and evaluate the situation.

Tip #2 Be careful on the approach. Not everyone is the same and people engage differently. You may speak apologetics to someone and they may love it, but that person may be spiritually blind and you may never reach them. Or some people don’t receive facts and historical events, they are more moved by personal testimonies. Get to know the person, their interests, and then make your move.

Tip #3 Don’t judge harshly, but seek to understand. Many times as Christians we get easily shaken when we hear people use curse words casually or people are just being who they are in their actions (which may not be holy). Don’t get caught up listing in your head all of the sins they are currently exposing and instead seek to understand them and why they are doing it. You are not God and neither can you discern the heart. What you can do is lead them in the right direction, without judging them, but instead show them why it is good for them to follow Christ and walk in holiness. (Definitely not an easy task, but I challenge you to take risks).

Overall, my hope is that you as a fellow believer learn to withhold and not withhold in the appropriate circumstances. Not only will it give you credibility, more people will be willing to listen to your advice than listen to someone who is always imposing their opinions or truth to someone. You know you are right because you have scriptures to back you up, but is it always better to be right? The ultimate goal is to reach people strategically without scaring them off. I believe God can give you the discernment to make those crucial decisions when the time comes.

God bless and happy evangelizing!

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