If the salt loses its savor…

     Brothers and sisters, the word of God says we are the salt of this Earth. Let’s take a moment to ponder on what it means to be salt. Salt purifies infections, salt causes food to have savor, and salt can also burn. For the most part, this world is lost and it is infected with something called “sin.” If we do not become salt, as Christians we are ineffective. We also need to be the ones to cause savor to the things that are bland and the culture that is saturated with lies from Satan. And lastly, we must burn, burn through the lies and allow people to hear the truth of the gospel, so that their hearts burn on fire.

     Here are three reasons why we must not lose the focus as Christians here in this fallen world.

#1 We become ineffective:  If we lose our savor, we are ineffective in winning souls for Christ. We could become spiritually stagnant ourselves and thus not have fire nor compassion for the lost. If we remain complacent and think “oh, someone else will speak up eventually, I rather keep my peace,” we’re essentially being trampled by men.

# 2 We lose our authority: God has given us authority through Christ Jesus. We have tha authority to cast out demons and lay hands on people for healing. If do not speak up or keep in our integrity to remaining truth to the gospel, we lose our authority. Authority only comes when we are aligned with God’s purpose and will.

#3 Our integrity is compromised:  Sometimes staying quiet keeps us out of controversial problems and it keeps our relationships with others at ease. However, the truth is, if we stand up for Christ, we will lose frienships and also will be despised. This is not a new phenomenon, Christ said we would persecuted and hated for His name’s sake. If we’re not willing to speak out against  abortion, cults, gay marriage, adultery, fornication, and everything else that is unholy, we compromise our convictions. Remember, if you do not lose anything when following Christ, then you should ask yourself, are you really following Christ? Are you a soldier of Christ, or just a bystander?

As followers of Christ, we must be leaders in setting markers for others to follow this narrow path. The only path to salvation is through Christ and if we don’t say anything, we’ve succumbed to the pressure of this culture. Be the salt and the light of this Earth and may you never lose your savor. God bless!

By Jennifer V. Flores

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