How to stop being a slugglish Christian

It’s incredibly easy to get stuck in routine, apathy, tradition, and complacency in Christianity. It’s never a good thing because that’s when we know we’re no longer growing. When I think of the work on the cross, I can never imagine Jesus being that way ever. How many of us yearn to hear “job well done, good and faithful servant”? I think the devil uses laziness and apathy as a gateway to cause us to lose the endurance of the faith. It is a dangerous place to be in and this is how we die spiritually, we don’t even notice it because it is gradual. After reading Hebrews 6, which talks about the peril of not progressing, I noticed that there are three key ways to preventing this from happening or correcting it.

  1. Patience (Notice how in Hebrews 6:12 says, “That you do not become sluggish, but imitate those who through faith and patience inherit the promises.” That right there is the key, learn from those around you who are patient to receive the promises. God works in us best when we wait for the promise. While you exercise patience, God works in you and molds you. Be patient in your prayers, patient in persecution, be patient with those who spitefully use you, endure the race until the end. Don’t expect to see changes in your one-minute random prayer, you must pray daily and intercede).
  2. Faith ( You must have faith. Hebrews 6:4 says, “It is impossible to please God without faith” and we must understand that we have to put away our elemental principles of having faith… as mature Christians, our faith should increase daily. Remember that a faith that is not tested, is a faith that cannot be trusted. Losing your faith can cause you to become apathetic and even resentful towards God if you don’t see anything happening in your life. If you want to grow as a disciple, impress God with your great faith in Him. Stop complaining if things don’t go your way, have faith that God is working).
  3. Hope ( You can have a vision for the promise God has given you, but if you lose hope you’ve lost it all. If you lose hope, what is there to work towards to? You’ll just be stuck in routine and complacency. Don’t be that Christian that says they believe in Jesus, but really do not know anything about Him. Remember the hope Jesus had set before Him when we endured the cross. His hope was salvation for all of us. Hebrews 6:19 says, “This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast..” Hope is the anchor that keeps us steady, never lose hope, pick yourself up and dust off your feet).

God bless you and I hope this encourages you to keep strong, fight the good fight of faith.

Author: Jennifer V. Flores



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