Free from sin … but slave to Christ

I was inspired to write a post about 1 Peter 2:15-16 after a friend of mine on Facebook asked me how is it that we can possibly be free when we are a slave to God. The verse says the following: “It is God’s will that your honorable lives should silence those ignorant people who make foolish accusations against you, for you are free, yet you are God’s slaves. So don’t use your freedom as an excuse to do evil.”

Personally I thought his question was a very valid one and the truth is that this verse is a paradox. How can you be free, but yet be a slave? The truth is we’re free from the slavery of sin. By Jesus Christ dying on the cross he paid the penalty we deserved on the cross. What penalty you may ask? The penalty of being completely separated from God when we die. Jesus was a Jewish man who lived on this planet completely sinless and living a holy life, pleasing to God. God sent His only begotten son so that He would die for the sins of the world. What love! In the old testament times we know that the Jewish people would sacrifice animals in order to redeem themselves to God. Jews, practiced animal sacrifice in accordance with the Law of Moses.

For example… Leviticus 22:20 says, “Do not bring anything with a defect, because it will not be accepted on your behalf.” A spotless animal, a firstborn animal was to be sacrificed and it belonged to God.

Take a look at Exodus 13:2, God says “Consecrate to me every firstborn male. The first offspring of every womb among the Israelites belongs to me, whether human or animal.” As you can see, the firstlings matter to God, they are spotless and require a cost to let go of. God doesn’t want anything that doesn’t cost you. Therefore, you can see the correlation of Jesus Christ…being the perfect spotless firstborn to take away our sins.

1 Peter 1:19 confirms…”that the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot.”

Now that we have a background of the importance of Jesus’ death on the cross, we know that His perfect blood paid for our sins. Only the shedding of blood can take away our sins, something must die in order for us to regain life. Just as Jesus died, we died with Him; our sins died with Him. But we were set free from those sins because now Jesus paid our price, which we did not earn or deserve. Now we can stand before God (Yaweh) and enter heaven blameless and as white as snow. Heaven is a Holy place and no evil, corrupt person may enter. We alone cannot enter without Jesus.

So now that we’ve died with Jesus, we live because Jesus resurrected. Therefore we resurrect to a new life, we are a new creation. Our sinful past has passed away and we now live honorable lives to please God and not our flesh. Now that we honor God, instead of being bound to sin, which brings death… we are bound to Jesus, which brings us life. We abided in Jesus and Jesus abides in us. And because the Father abides in Jesus, we too have the Father with us.

Instead of living a life where we lie, dishonor people, cheat, have sex outside of marriage, commit adultery, rob, etc., we live lives with integrity because the Holy Spirit perfects us to be like Christ. Everyday we are convicted of our sinful nature by the Holy Spirit and we immediately correct any wrong doing or anything that may offend God. Only the love we have for Jesus and the Holy Spirit helps us do this and not in our own strength. Many times you will see people walking as “Christians” but they really haven’t died to self and still partake in things of the flesh. I am not saying we should condemn them, but what I am saying is to reevaluate yourself and see which area in your life is not pleasing the Lord Jesus Christ. He will forgive you for any wrong doing, if you confess your sins He is faithful and just to forgive you.

Be a slave to God and not to sin, you will see what an amazing life you will find when you live a life that is honorable and filled with love for a perfect Holy God. God loves you and He wants you have ever lasting life here on earth and in the next life. God bless you brothers and sisters!


Jen Moreno

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