What are you selling?

By Jeremiah Model

Everyone on this planet is selling something, the minute you speak, walk, talk, dress you are selling yourself.

We sell poor images, or good images, bad attitudes, or excellent attitudes, good hygiene’s or poor hygiene’s, honesty or falsity, greatness or mediocrity, comfort or risk,

On the natural level this is true, but what is also true in the natural is true in the supernatural. Its very simple when it comes to the spirit we are selling, it’s either one or the other no in betweens. We are either selling G-ds spirit or the anti-Christ spirit.

When Jesus dwells in a person, we are in sales for the fathers Kingdom, Matthew chapter 6 states that the Lord’s will be done, his Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven.

The primary Function of a believer is to live from a Heaven to Earth life, not vice versa. When we are to pray it is to be from Heaven to Earth, not Earth to Heaven. When we pray from Heaven to Earth, we are releasing sales of agents of the Heavenly realms to partner with us with sales on planet earth.

The core of the message is what fruit are you bearing. What are you selling ultimately? Are you making Christ attractive through your life and how you advertise him, or are you shunning people away from Christ? Take a minute to do some soul searching and see what changes you can make to demonstrate Christ’s love inside you.

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