Prophetic Walk by Jeremiah Model

As a new Christian, I would always wonder does G-d still speak to humans directly in present times. I was under the impression that G-d only communicates with humans through His word and nothing else. Little did I know at the time.

I started praying bold prayers, one of these bold prayers sounded like this, “Lord if You still speak, speak to me, show me Your face, speak to me like You spoke to the forefathers, speak to me like You spoke to the prophets of Old.

I remember from that point on, I would have divine appointments, random strangers asking me questions, that I knew was only from G-d. As I would go outside to the streets, random people would be attracted to me, almost like a magnet, drawing them to me.

At the beginning of my walk, I was operating under a work based system, I was engaged in bringing G-d to people by words only and strength. I quickly learned that I was on the verge a burnout, because I was so focused on works.

I learned that faith without works is dead, but works with out love, faith, and spirit equals burnout. It is a shame that so many in the church today operate like it is a profit business, and in my opinion this is why churches are focused on numbers, getting people in the doors, filling seats, collecting tithes, and barely working with other churches to tackle issues within our society.

I was caught in this cycle until my recent awakening to the gifts of the spirit, the gifts are available to me and everyone in the world if you want it.

The prophetic gift has awakened me to a new level with G-d, not a faith based on me or what I can do, but a faith based on a comforter, the prince of peace, internal rest, glory and most importantly true love. G-d is looking for a people who are going to be his hands and feet on earth, that can communicate with Him through the five senses.

I dare you to say this prayer; Holy Spirit come, saturate my thoughts, my dreams, and visions. Speak, for your servant is listening. Tell me what happens.

Amos chapter 3 verses 7-8 states; “Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.”

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