All I want is intimacy

By Jeremiah Model

Out of all the qualities that our awesome Father in Heaven has, I believe one that He has the most and wants us to experience is His intimacy. The intimacy that He wants us to experience we cannot comprehend on a mental plane, and if we try to understand it with our conscious minds, good luck.

The Lord seeks to commune with us from the heart level, I believe these few verses put it into perspective. “Man looks at the outward appearance,” says Samuel, “but the lord looks at the heart” (Sam 16:7). The king’s heart is unsearchable to humankind (Prov 25:3), but the Lord searches all hearts to reward all according to their conduct (Jer 17:10). In the time of judgment G-d will expose the hidden counsels of the heart (1 Cor 4:5). It is obvious in scripture that the Lord seeks to captivate our hearts.

It is solely the author’s opinion to believe that the core of the world’s problems is based upon one thing, not knowing the Father’s heart or plan for each individual’s life. I like this saying by Graham Cooke, you need a plan to have intimacy with the Father, a plan to enter into rest.

Let’s make plans together to enter into rest, stillness and silence to be available to be G-d’s hands, eyes and feet in the world. Please write back to us and tell us your plans to enter into rest.

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