A blessing in singleness

By Jennifer Moreno

It never occurred to me before that being single was a blessing, but after some time I began to realize how wonderful it is to be able to serve the Lord with complete freedom. Today in society the idea of being single is almost a burden so to speak and some even think there must be something wrong with you. Others feel like it’s some sort of time clock you have to meet. Being single is an incredible blessing because of the time you have to serve the Lord and the ability you have to control what you do with your time.

Being single now doesn’t mean you are going to be single forever, it just means you’re waiting on G-d to give you the cue for the proper time for marriage. Being single gives you the freedom to be involved in the Lord’s work at a level a married person can’t. Not saying a single person isn’t as busy as a married person, but the daily priorities of a married person or a married person with children are much more in my opinion. A single person has no distractions and time to explore whatever kind of ministry they’ve always wanted to pursue. Take advantage of your singleness by serving, if it is your calling, you could start your own Bible study. Or you could serve at church, go on mission trips, pray for people in the streets, bless others with encouragement, hospitality, whatever it is…do it for the Lord.

The free time we have as singles should not be taken for granted, this time you have now won’t last forever. Singles should embrace this time to really dive into the word of G-d and get to know Jesus Christ at a deeper level. The Lord calls us to serve one another instead of thinking of ourselves all the time and having a pity party for being “alone.” But really, you’re not alone at all, Jesus is with you and He should be your husband first. Your earthly husband will eventually get there, but you must first put G-d first and He will meet your needs.

Matthew 6:33 – “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Be careful with the mentality of the world and the pressure people put on you for being single. It is not their concern if you are not married and you shouldn’t feel guilty for not wanting to get married if G-d hasn’t placed that person in your path yet. You are simply waiting on G-d.

Sometimes I find social media can act as that “pressure” that society places on singles. Every other post is a person showing off their baby, or their wonderful relationship, or engagement. I find so much happiness to see my friends forming their families and I feel complete peace that my time will come when it is right. My friend, if you find yourself deactivating your account because others are getting married and you’re not, or having children and you’re not … ask G-d to examine your heart and to help you find fulfillment in Him rather than searching for that perfect ideal life you believe will make you happy.

Finding a spouse does not ensure you that you will be 100 percent satisfied and happy. You’re in for a disappointment if you believe that, only Jesus can make you complete and whole, not another human. When you find your future spouse, you want to make sure that person is in love with Jesus and not with the idea of finding a wife to make him happy.

If you have doubts about your future, simply confess to G-d that you are worried and anxious about it and ask Him to help you develop faith during this waiting period. He is faithful and He won’t forsake you, especially when you’re relying on Him.

Set your eyes on Jesus and form an intimate relationship with Him you will find that fulfillment. I’ve found that when you devote your life to Jesus, there is nothing sweeter and nothing better. Give yourself the opportunity to dive into the word and dine with Jesus. What great honor it is to be able to have this time to dedicate it to the Lord. Remember that Jesus has your best interest at heart, His wisdom is heavenly, His love is eternal, He has something for you, but before you get there He wants your heart first.

Do not forget your first love. May G-d bless you, give you peace and joy over your life. Amen.

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