Changing my attitude

By Jennifer Moreno

This probably is my biggest struggle and perhaps you may feel the same way too. Changing our attitudes about situations, circumstances, people, and just everyday things can be quite hard. It’s not easy, but the Lord wants us to work at it everyday.

Our attitudes can affect whether we stay in the wilderness or enjoy the blessings of the Promised Land. Take for example the Israelites’ journey out of Egypt.

The Lord delivered His people from Egyptian bondage as described in Exodus, chapters 1–12. They were to take possession of the land G-d had promised their forefathers, a land “flowing with milk and honey.” But the Israelites didn’t think they could oust the current inhabitants of the land, even though G-d told them they could.

This truly upset G-d, so much that he placed the Israelites in forty years of wilderness wandering until the unbelieving generation died off, never stepping foot in the Promised Land.

The point of this example is that we don’t want to be wandering in the wilderness. Many times we can get stuck in a circle and not even realize it. And when we do realize that we’re in the dessert that’s when we need to ask G-d what am I missing; is there something that I need to change.

G-d cares deeply about your attitude, and he’s constantly testing us and giving us opportunities to change our attitude about people, circumstances and life.

If you find yourself being negative, angry towards people, bitter, or apathetic about a situation — chances are G-d is already putting you in situations to help you adjust your attitude.

A good attitude does not come naturally, it takes hard work and intent. Everyday strive to change your attitude, even if you don’t want to, ask G-d to help you. Speaking from personal experience, I struggle with this the most, but everyday I pray that G-d helps me see things through his perspective.

For instance, you may have a bad boss, a co-worker that gossips about you, your parents disappoint you, your spouse who doesn’t change. Whatever it may be, G-d wants us to not complain and instead he wants us to have an attitude of seeking the highest good in people.

When you have a hard time changing your attitude, repeat this verse to yourself out loud. Colossians 3:23 – “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.”

We can replace complaining with thanksgiving, a strong desire for something with contentment, criticism with love.  And most of all G-d wants us to adjust our attitudes to honor him. In the end it is all for Him, he wants us to love each other.

When we change our attitude we will see favor in G-d. How many of you want that? I know I do.

The reason we all have such a difficult time adjusting our attitude is due to pride. G-d wants to break down that pride…because through pride everything falls apart in your life, it is the root of all sin.

James 4:10 says – “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you.” In other words, G-d resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.

Even if you’re suffering and the situation is unjust, change your attitude. Christ suffered and paid for your sins when he didn’t have to. He never complained, He never wished bad on those who condemned him and instead He forgave them. That is the attitude that we should have, one of enduring.

We must have the attitude of Christ. We must ask Christ to let us see through his lens, so that in return we could become better people.

So next time you are having trouble in this area, just remember Proverbs 17:22- “A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”




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