Waiting for your husband

By Jennifer Moreno

Ladies waiting for your husband patiently is not an easy task, I include myself, but we must trust that God is going to bring us his very best.

Many times we lose our perspective on Christ because we’re too busy worried about the future. God wants you to focus on him and let him be your first love. Mathew 6:33 says – “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” If we genuinely pursue God, God will bless us with the desires of our heart.

There are several reasons why we shouldn’t rush to find our husband. For one, we want to make sure our Adam finds us. We want to make sure we’re pursued and we’re not the hunters. We deserve to be pursued and taken as a sort of gem, we deserve to be valued. You wouldn’t want to have that question on the back of your mind, if that man truly did want you or if he was just in it for the ride.

It’s important that when we don’t let our emotions take over us. We must learn to take a step back and pray that God guides us in the direction he wants us to take. Another reason we shouldn’t rush is because we want to have discernment and wisdom when choosing a partner. It’s one thing feeling emotions towards someone and truly seeing the person for who they really are.

Emotions are a quick gateway to distractions, we no longer see the red flags no matter how much they’re in our face. Though I must clarify, no one is 100 percent perfect, but there are some things that only you know what you are able to compromise on or not.

Ladies it is important to not only look for a good man, but to look for a man that fears God. A man who is spiritually in tune with Christ will be able to lead you spiritually. You wouldn’t want to be the spiritual leader of the house? Some Christian women do have to step into that role sadly because their husbands don’t lead them spiritually. If a marriage is unequally yoked, you can be sure there will be conflict in that area and a lot of problems can stem from that.

It’s imperative to understand that being unequally yoked is never a good idea! I speak from experience and it wasn’t pretty. It’s a bad idea on so many levels, not only because you’re both not on the same page with God, but you have irreconcilable differences in many other areas. Like the way you’ll raise your children, or whether you will both consult God in every important decision you make together. Whether that person is conservative or liberal in their politics, whether you’ll go to church together as a family, or if you will allow your children to use contraceptives, etc.

It’s better to be someone’s friend first, build that foundation and then see if that person is compatible with you on those levels. It’s also important to wait to test that person’s loyalty to you through your friendship, how reliable they are and how much are they willing to sacrifice to make sure you’re happy.

Many times we meet men who are really just boys inside. They haven’t matured enough to understand the responsibility of what it takes to be a man and a husband. That’s another reason to wait, you want God to bring you your husband when he’s mature and when you are too.

In case you didn’t know, God cares about your romantic life. He said it himself when he created Adam. Genesis 2:18 – “Then the LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him.”

At least we can have peace in knowing that God is out there watching for you, waiting for the right time to bring you and your future husband together.

But while you wait for your husband, it is a good idea to pray for him even if you don’t know him. Pray for his well being, for his spiritual maturity and for anything that it is important to you.

Take this into consideration also while you’re waiting – God wants to use His power to mature you into someone who would initiate sacrificial love towards other people. We so eagerly want to get love, but God wants us to learn how to give it instead.

God bless you ladies!

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