A message to women

By Jeremiah Modelo

What is your value? How much are you worth? Do you believe that you are worth anything? Sounds like a transaction right! Well, that is precisely how some men view women like. They see women as a bargain, sort of like a “buy one get one free deal.”

It’s important to note that men can attempt to treat you as such, but the real problem is are you allowing them to? What traits have you inherited from your background that attract certain individuals in your life that could be toxic?

Over my few years in Miami I have seen and witnessed a lot of women that I have come across that have sold themselves short. I have seen this especially in the area of intimate relationships. They have allowed individuals to come in literally to their souls and steal the best of them, leaving them in anguish and in a state of famine.

I have witnessed some women that believe that relationships are like a game. They allow a man to have fun at the expense of their emotions. These type of women remind me of a proverb that says “The full soul loathes a honeycomb; but to the hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet” Proverbs 27:7 (Some women view a bitter and toxic relationship as acceptable, but it’s not).

I have ran into some guys that believe it’s okay to treat women like a pile of crap. This is their philosophy and language: “you have to try different flavors so you can know which one you like.”The comparison is women to ice cream or food. If your a lady and you’re honest with yourself, you more than likely don’t want to be compared to food.

What these guys are really saying is that they like the quick deal, the easy one not the one that is worth the wait.
They like weak willed women, that are easily seduced by kind gestures, movie dates, or words. Theses guys are wolves in sheep’s clothing and they’re called players. Some of these of women that are caught in this wilderness have mistaken men that are honestly sweet and respectful as insecure. Some women believe that men who have a boasting confidence can protect them. But what they don’t see is that all they’re really seeing is just pride that masks around fake confidence.

If you enjoy being treated this way, by all means enjoy it, but mark my words it will rob you of your life.
But let it be known that you as a lady do not have to be valueless. Let if be known that you on the conscious level can tell yourself that you are awesome, full of value and worth. Don’t allow yourself to believe the contrary…because that is what opens the door to these types of men that only want to use you and consume you.

The tale of the tap really comes down to this question, do you really know who you are? It’s important to understand your value. Once you’ve established that you can assess who can come into your life and who you will allow to have influence over you.

So think back and look to see if you have sold yourself short at some point in your life. A good indicator of where you stand is the type of men that you are attracting NOW. If you’re currently seeing a man, ask yourself if this man is uplifting you in all areas of your life. Does he encourage you? Does he say he loves you or does he demonstrate it? Is he present? And is he willing to die for you if he had to?

These are some vital questions to answer. This is one of my life verses – Romans 12 verse 2 “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is good and acceptable and the perfect will of God.”

G-D’s will is not for a lady to be looked down on, or to be trampled like a door mat. He doesn’t want his beautiful creation to be cheated, to be used, verbally or emotionally abused. His will is for women to be in love with their first love — Jesus Christ and that man needs to be up to Christ’s standards.

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